We are at a pivotal moment; out of control apparel production is wreaking havoc on human life and the environment, global supply chains are untraceable and American manufacturing has all but disappeared. We believe the underlying cause of this condition is disconnection: we have become disconnected from the places and people making our clothes. Our solution is simple: create regionalized textile systems that breathe life into our communities and cultivate relationships with the makers.


I’m Lauren Morgan, and together with my husband, Nate, who is on the other side of the lens, we design domestic supply chains with a positive impact at each stage of the product life cycle. Our impact is two fold: social and environmental. First, we create products we truly need and design them to last forever. Next, we source American grown organic fibers processed with non-toxic dyes and sewn in safe conditions in the US.  Along the way, we track and share our footprint and stories of our makers. Last, we offer repairs and after care maintenance, and a buy-back program to keep our products out of the landfill.


New England Weatherwear

Home of the American-made waxed cotton rain jacket.