Beautiful handcrafted apparel with ethical and environmentally mindful business practices were once mutually exclusive. We are now in a groundswell of active consumerism that insists on truth and change in a fashion industry still operating in the stone ages. We inquire where our products are made, under what conditions, using which chemicals, and to what effect on the environment. We seek to connect with the makers, meet their families, hear their stories, learn of their challenges and triumphs. We look under the surface of marketing claims and demand more research and data for the chemicals permitted on our bodies and in our homes, water and air. We support small steps and never ridicule efforts toward detoxifying the fashion industry. We collaborate with all people and fields, and take a position of industry outsider to affect maximum change. We consider the cost of life for production and consumption of products and experiences. 

We implore our representatives and corporate shareholders to enact more stringent textile labeling requirements, more chemical research before release to market, and more accountability for the emissions of textile processing. 

Join us on our change-making journey to a cleaner, safer, and kinder fashion industry. 

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